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Dedicated to promote the study, appreciation, preservation and identification of Blenko Glass.

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WE CAN NOT GIVE VALUES! We can only give identifications. Thank you.


Blenko Collectors Society Pieces



2003 Collectors Piece



2004 Collectors Piece


2005 Collectors Piece



2006 Collectors Piece



This piece was available during the 2003 convention. It is a number 384 Water Bottle in Ebony.



This piece is the the 384 Water Bottle that was available during the 2004 Convention. It is Emerald.





2008 Festival of Glass Wrap Up

What's going on with the Blenko Collectors Society?

The BCS has reorganized. We are happy to say there appears to be more than enough interest in keeping it active. Thanks to everyone for their support.

What if I haven't received any newsletters this yet?

Unfortunately due to the high cost of postage, newsletters will no longer be mailed out.  At the August 2008 meeting the BCS membership agreed that an e-mail newsletter distribution or a mailed CD also in a PDF format would better meet our needs.  Additionally, we will be making available at year-end a printed year compilation available for purchase by BCS members. 

I mailed my check a long time ago, but it still has not cleared my bank?

We know this continues to be an issue and we are actively working to get timely pick ups and deposits made.

When will I know how much dues for the group will be?

Dues will remain $50 per year for full membership. Associate membership is $25. Full members are entitled to four newsletters per year, a special members only glass paperweight, the opportunity to purchase a special membership piece.

What if I could not attend this event, will there be another convention next year?

We are planning next year's event. We know for certain it will be in August. We hope to have more confirmed dates in the first quarter of next year.

What should I do if I am really interested in attending the 2009 event?

E-mail blenkocollectors@gmail.com or call 214-421-4141 and let them know you A. Need more info., B. You plan on attending. C. You are interested in selling glass at the show. D. You want more info about the Blenko collecting group.




The 2007 Collectors pieces, Night & Day are expected to be shipped sometime in July directly from the Blenko Company. I will update more as I get more information. Thanks for your patience.

Tammy Kosla, President and founding member of the Blenko Collector Society, resigned from her position. The BCS board and new BCS President, Karin Alonzo, are making the necessary transition to resume Blenko Collector Society operations, i.e., newsletters and events. Please check regularly for any future BCS announcements.



2007 Blenko Collectors Society Collection Piece - Ordering information in the next newsletter

Night and Day

“Night and Day” is a special limited edition created specifically for the Blenko Collectors Convention.

These are companion pieces, and the striking color and shape contrasts within the individual pieces complement each other when placed side by side. The design and concept are all about opposites in balance.

The designers chose two complementary color schemes for the vessels: in a daring new move for Blenko, “Night” is orange glass cased in dark blue with an orange lip wrap. The interior of the piece glows with the promise of the coming day—keep your eyes open for more favorite designs with this new color treatment. “Day” is an orange fade to crystal with a dark blue rim, reminding the observer that even the most sunny day slowly fades to dusk. The glass in “Night” appears opaque and almost black. “Day” moves from an intense, almost opaque orange on the neck to a translucent, orange tint on the body.

The forms are composed of a squared neck section and a spherical body with ribs that extend from the corners of the square neck down the sides of the round body, accentuating its expanding form. These handsome pieces are reminiscent of gourd vessels, pods, and seeds. Even though the pieces work well in tandem, they are strong enough to also stand alone. The dense, glossy “Night” and airy, bright “Day” do not need each other to make a statement!


2007 Convention Wrap Up



The Blenko 4 & Friends has made the 1958 Blenko Catalog available online! Click here to see.

2006 Blenko Collectors Society Wrap-Up


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The Summer 2007 issue of the Blowpipe was shipped on 7/17/07- For a sneak peek please click on the photo below.



More reasons to join. Great articles & information about Blenko!





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